• Last edited on: 29 August 2019

Create or Edit a Catalog

Create or edit a customer's catalog by going to the Catalogs page and by selecting the specific customer.

To create a catalog for a customer, go to the Catalogs page, select the customer from the Select Customer drop-down list in the top right corner, and click on the Create button.

To edit a draft catalog, do one of the following:

  • Click on the Edit (Edit.png) icon for the catalog in the Catalogs table.

  • Click on the Catalog Name link.

On the Catalog Edit page, fill in at least the mandatory field (marked with a red asterisk).

You can change the default catalog title ([Your Company Name] Catalog [Number]) in the mandatory Catalog Name field.

You can select a start and expiration date for your catalog and a currency to be applied to your catalog items.

You can create as many catalogs as you want, but each catalog must be approved by your customer before it can be included in Coupa search results.

Item changes

The n Item(s) Changed section provides information on changes that your customer made to the catalog:

Item Changes Description
n Items Changed (n Unchanged) Total number of items that changed and did not change.
Price Increase Total number of items in the catalog that increased in price. New items do not appear in this count.
Price Decrease Total number of items in the catalog that decreased in price. New items do not appear in this count.
Other Fields Updated Total number of items that were modified in a way other than a change in price.
New Items Total number of new items included in the catalog since the last upload or creation of new items.
Deactivated Items

Total number of items that are no longer available in the catalog or search within Coupa.

If you accept the changes, click Submit to buyer to have your customer approve the catalog for inclusion in their Coupa environment. 

When you submit your catalog, your can see the following message in the green notification bar: "Catalog was submitted and buyer will be notified."

You can also add comments for your customer. After your catalog is accepted, you cannot edit it. Instead, you have to change or update it by submitting a new verison.

Items included in catalog

This table lists all the items included in this catalog. They are not available in Coupa until the catalog is approved by your customer. Once approved, the items are also listed in the Items Offered to [Customer Name] table below.

If the items included in the catalog match items already offered, any status, price, or other field changes are listed in the table.

Status Change Description
New The item is new, and has not been offered to this customer before. If the item is listed in Items Offered to [Customer Name], make sure the part number is correct since this is the unique identifier.
Updated The item has been updated and something has changed.
Deactivated The item is no longer available for purchase.

You can also update catalog items. For more information, see Create or Edit Catalog Items.

Items offered to [Customer Name]

This table lists all the items that have been accepted and published in the customer's Coupa environment.


Unlike Items Included in Catalog, which can be deleted before submitting the catalog for approval, Items Offered to [Customer Name] cannot be deleted. Once an item is accepted and published, it cannot be deleted, only deactivated.

You can export the tables of included and offered items in CSV or Excel format.

You can filter the tables by columns, use the search bar to filter with a search term, or click on the View drop-down list to perform advanced filtering. For more information, see Create Custom Views.