Add Single Candidate to Resume Bank from Requisition

  • Follow the process for Supplier Candidate Submission
  • If the candidate is not found in the Resume Bank, they can be added at this time.
  • Select Add Candidate to Resume Bank .
  • Enter Candidate’s legal Last Name and First Name .
    • The name must be entered as shown on the candidate’s government issued ID.
    • Do not use shortened first name or nickname .
  • Enter Candidate’s Country/Region and State .
  • Recruiter name will auto-populate based on user profile.
  • Upload a copy of candidate’s resume by clicking on blue file folder an navigating to saved file.
    • Note! Adding the candidate’s resume at this step is recommended. If added here, you will not need to take this step when submitting the candidate to the requisition.
  • Click Save & Continue .
  • The remainder of the process will be the same process as Submitting Single Candidate to Requisition .