• Last edited on: 17 January 2018

Adding Extrinsics to Your Invoice

Invoices sent as cXML can send values for Margin Scheme, Due Date, Late Payment Penalties, Early Payment Provisions, Exchange Rate, Cash Accounting Scheme, and more as named parameters using the Extrinsic element.

Many required fields are not included in the cXML standard, and Coupa uses extrinsics to capture and record this information. These extrinsics are captured at header level, as the last tag(s) before closing <InvoiceDetailRequestHeader>:

<Extrinsic name="MarginScheme">Margin Scheme Reference</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="DueDate">2016-09-09T00:00:00-08:00</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="LatePaymentPenalties">2.50</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="EarlyPaymentProvisions">EPP</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="ExchangeRate">1.00</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="CashAccountingScheme">Cash Accounting Scheme</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="CreditReason">Credit Reason</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="SelfBillingReference">2.50</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="PrePaymentDate">2016-08-08</Extrinsic>
<Extrinsic name="DateOfSupply">2018-02-02T10:13:00-08:00</Extrinsic>