PO failed: Connection to supplier timed out


A timeout is caused by one of the following:

  • The OrderResponse file format is incorrect.
  • The supplier took too long to send back the OrderResponse cXML.
  • The supplier needs to whitelist the Coupa Application IP Addresses.


  • Make sure the supplier's OrderResponse cXML looks like this example (if not, ask the supplier to fix it):

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <cXML payloadID="111111111" xml:lang="en" timestamp="1999-03-12T18:39:09-08:00">
         <Status code="200" text="OK"/>
  • When you get a timeout error, start by forwarding the supplier the Coupa failed PO email, and ask the supplier what causes the timeout.
  • If a PO transmission results in a connection timeout because there was no response from the supplier, Coupa tries to resend the PO up to four times at five-minute intervals.


Subject: cXML Failure (Connection to supplier timed out)

When we tried to send purchase order #123 to ABC Supplier the connection request timed out.