Invalid order/document reference. Could not find order header XX, order line num XX

An invoice line is missing from a Coupa PO.

The Invoice is PO backed (based on PO#/Supplier) but an Invoice line passed cannot be found on the Coupa PO.

How do I fix it?

Forward the invoice to the supplier team for confirmation of the extra PO line.

Search for the PO# in the Coupa instance and confirm the extra PO line with the information from the cXML Error Notification.


<cXML xml:lang="en-US" timestamp="2015-03-23T18:28:13+00:00" payloadID="20150323 182758.454">
		<Status text="Expectation Failed" code="417">Invalid order/document reference. [Could not find order header 12471, order line num 0]</Status>