• Last edited on: 25 September 2019

Unexpected server error

Various validation errors or missing cXML tags cause an unexpected server error.

One or more of the following validation rules failed:

  • Invalid Coupa PO number
  • Invalid UOM
  • Invalid PO line number
  • Missing cXML tags (e.g., IF creditMemo the original invoice #)
  • If it's a Services PO then use Services tags
  • Extra cXML tags that don't belong in an element or if the supplier is passing the "creditMemo" type, which is not supported in Coupa

How do I fix it?

Ensure that the following are valid:

  • Coupa PO number (or Contract #)+UOM+PO line number
  • IF "creditMemo" then original_invoice must be provided


		<Status text="Internal Server Error" code="500">Unexpected server error.</Status>