• Last edited on: 13 October 2023

Access a Sourcing Event

Learn how to access a Sourcing Event.


If you do not have an account, you can still access the sourcing events through the link in the invitation email. According to the buying organization settings, the email link will:

  • Take you straight to the sourcing event OR
  • Ask for one-time token authentication, often referred to as “one-time passwords” (OTPs), to protect your information, to securely verify your identity and allow your access to the sourcing event.

Using One Time Passwords (OTPs)

If you were invited to participate in a sourcing event, you will receive an invitation email, including all the important information about the event and a link to access it.

Each time you try to access the sourcing event using the link on the invitation email, an email with the OTP is sent, if the previous OTP has not expired yet.

After you click the link in the invitation email, you are asked to enter the OTP before you can access the sourcing event. The OTP expires after 15 minutes or as soon as you use it.

Expired OTPs

If you enter an expired OTP, you see a text notifying that your access has expired. 

You can click Send the one time password again to receive a new OTP to access the sourcing event.

Email with new OTP

You receive an email with a new OTP to finish the authentication process and access the sourcing event.

Login Account

Your customer (buyer) can set up Coupa to require you to have an account and sign in to view sourcing events. In this case, you get an email the first time you are invited to an event. The email contains your username (your email) and a link to set up your password.

If you sign in and you have been invited to or responded to multiple events, you can see a table with all the events you have access to. When you click on an event link, you can see the event details for that event. Above the table, you can see the invitation of the most recent event that you have been invited to.

If you are invited to another event, your new invite email doesn't include a password setup link.

Why are we doing this?

Coupa has launched an initiative to improve supplier collaboration by centralizing all supplier-to-buyer experiences into the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). As part of this effort, supplier experiences across Sourcing, Contract and Risk will be migrated to the CSP over the next several Coupa product releases. Bringing these features together will allow us to provide a unified and highly secure solution for suppliers.