• Last edited on: 05 August 2022

View cXML Submission Errors

Receive notifications of and view cXML submission errors.

If you use cXML for PO and invoice submissions to your customers, you can receive notifications of cXML transmission failures and view details about cXML errors.


You can view cXML errors if your customer enabled sending cXML error notifications to you and you provided a supplier integration contact.

You can enable/disable cXML error notifications by changing your notification preferences for Enable notification for integration error under the Integration Errors section. For more information, see View and Manage Notifications.


Notifications for cXML errors are off by default.

The online notification for integration errors is Encountered cXML error for <customer name>.


A notification contains up to ten cXML errors and is sent only every 24 hours.

Clicking on the online notification or the link in the email notification directs you to the error. You can view and manage the errors for cXML orders and invoices for a specific customer by going to Admin > cXML Errors and selecting the customer from the drop-down list.

cXML descriptive messaging page.

By default, the cXML Invoice page is shown. To view the cXML errors for orders, click on the Purchase Order tab.


Why aren't I receiving email notifications about cXML errors?

First, confirm that you have email notifications enabled. For more information, see View and Manage Notifications.

If you have notifications enabled but still aren't receiving them, contact your Coupa customer and ensure they have you set as the integration contact in your Supplier record.