• Last edited on: 19 November 2020

View and Manage Invoices

View and edit invoices that you sent to your customers.

Click on the Invoices tab on the main menu. The Invoices page appears.


From the Select Customer drop-down list in the top right corner, select the customer whose invoices you want to see. 


When you visit the page again, it shows you the invoices for the customer you selected last time.

The Invoices table shows the following information for all the invoices you sent to the selected customer.

Column Description
Invoice # Invoice number generated by Coupa. Click on it to view the invoice. 
Created Date Date when the invoice was created.
Status Current status of the invoice. For more information, see the invoice status list below.
PO # PO number generated by Coupa for the order on which the invoice is based. Click on it to view the PO.

Total amount of the invoice.

If your customers use country compliant invoicing and enabled the relevant field setting, on legal invoices (PDFs) you can also see the Totals with Early Payment Discount section with discounted totals.

Unanswered Comments Your comments on the invoice for your customer. Also, your customer's comments that you need to respond to.

You can see all your customer's comments or add your comments for the customer when you open the invoice.

Dispute Reason Your customer's reason for disputing the invoice.
Actions Click on the Edit (Edit.png) or Delete (Delete.png) icon to edit or delete an invoice. You can edit or delete only draft invoices.

 Invoices can have the following statuses:

Status Description
Abandoned The disputed invoice has been abandoned. Your customer can choose to notify you of this invoice status change and provide instructions. You can set notification preferences for abandoned invoices.
Approved The invoice has been accepted for payment by your customer.

The invoice has been disputed. For more information, see Disputed invoices.


The invoice has been created, but it has not been submitted to your customer yet.

Invalid Specific for compliant e-invoices for clearance countries, for example, Mexico. It indicates that a CFDI (Mexican legal invoice form) that you sent failed validation. Invoices with this status are visible only to you, not to your customer.
Pending Approval

The invoice is currently under review by your customer.

Processing The invoice is being processed by the AP department and should be paid soon.
Voided Something is wrong with the invoice. Contact your customer to get the invoice back on track.

Above the table you can have instructions from the customer specifying, for example, policies or best practices.

You can filter the table by columns, use the search bar to filter with a search term, or click on the View drop-down list to perform advanced filtering. For more information, see Create Custom Views.

You can export the invoices table in CSV or Excel format.

If your customers use country compliant invoicing, you can also bulk export all the legal invoice attachments (usually PDFs) in a compressed (.zip) file by selecting the Legal Invoice (zip) option from the Export to dropdown.


A green message bar informs you that "The data you requested will be emailed to you shortly."


The export usually takes about one minute. In case of a large number of invoices it may take longer.

There is no limitation on the number of invoices or file size when exporting legal invoices. For more information, see What does the Export to button do? in CSP FAQ / Invoices


You can set your Invoices table view to show and export your legal invoices by status, created date, invoice date, period of time, and so on.

Online and email notifications are on by default, so if you have not turned off your online notification for Legal Invoice Export Ready, you also get a notification in the CSP. For more information, see View and Manage Notifications.


If you turn off notifications for this feature, the .zip file is not generated, so you cannot bulk export your legal invoices. You can see a warning in the message bar to enable your notifications.

When you click on the Download Legal Invoices button in the email or on the notification in the CSP, the compressed file is downloaded to your device.


If you are not logged into the CSP, you are directed to the Login page and you need to go to your notifications to download the file; or after logging in, you can click on the Download Legal Invoices button from your email notification again.


The .zip file expires 30 days after you export it. After expiration you cannot download it from your email or online notification.

Disputed invoices

Invoices with disputed status are invoices with information that your customer does not agree to, needs clarification on, or finds incorrect.

When the status of an invoice changes to "Disputed", you receive an email notification with the invoice number, the date of the dispute, the reason for the dispute, and optionally any additional comments. Your customer can leave comments on the invoice while it is in "Disputed" status.


Your customer does not process disputed invoices for payment until you resolve the dispute.

In the Invoices table, click on the invoice number or on the Resolve button in the Actions column for the disputed invoice that you want to resolve. 

To resolve a dispute, click on the relevant button at the bottom of the invoice. Depending on the type of invoice, you have the following options:

Standard e-invoice

  • Void

    If an invoice was issued in duplicate or has already been paid for through an earlier invoice, void it.

  • Correct Invoice

    If an invoice has some incorrect information, correct it. When submitting a corrected invoice, you can use the same invoice number.

Country compliant e-invoice


Country compliant e-invoices are marked with a green checkmark next to the country code in their top right corner.

  • Cancel Invoice

    If an invoice was issued in duplicate, create a credit note to cancel it.

    If an invoice has some incorrect information (other than price or quantity), for example, incorrect tax rate or item description, create a credit note to cancel it and issue a new corrected invoice. The original invoice remains in disputed status and the corrected invoice is submitted for approval.


    The corrected invoice must have a new number.

  • Adjust

    If the price and/or the quantity for invoice lines(s) is incorrect on an invoice, issue an adjustment credit note (partial credit) to correct it. You can adjust credit line quantity also in case of returned goods or if an invoice has already been paid for.

If your customer disputes an invoice in error, or you choose not to resolve the dispute, your customer can withdraw the invoice from dispute and process it.