Purchase Orders

Suppliers can receive POs from their Coupa-based customers via the CSP, cXML, or email/HTML.

Once you've got your catalog items into Coupa, you'll need to be able to receive purchase orders from users who want to buy your stuff. To make this process as effortless as possible, Coupa offers several ways of receiving invoices for suppliers of all sizes:

Coupa Supplier Portal

Create invoices directly from purchase orders on the Coupa Supplier Portal for free. This is the most comprehensive way to manage your interactions with Coupa. This method is ideal for suppliers with low to medium volume purchase orders and invoices, or who want to view all transactions from their customers who use Coupa in one place.


Tighter integration with Coupa allows you to receive purchase orders from Coupa. If you have a punchout, this is a natural choice. This is suitable for suppliers with a high volume of purchase orders, or those who automate their PO handling.


HTML-based purchase orders via email are for suppliers who lack the volume or resources to justify implementing an automated solution.

Orders FAQ

28 May 2024

Find answers to questions about handling purchase orders in the CSP.

cXML Purchase Orders

06 April 2023

Coupa supports cXML OrderRequest and OrderResponse documents.

Email-Based HTML

05 April 2023

Coupa customers who only send the occasional purchase order to a supplier can use HTML-based email.

View and Manage POs

10 November 2021

View purchase orders received from your customers.

Edit a PO

10 May 2021

Edit purchase orders and purchase order lines.

View PO Lines

04 September 2020

View individual PO lines by going to Orders > Order Lines.

Configure the PO Delivery Method

18 February 2020

Select how you want to receive orders on the Orders page by configuring the PO delivery method.

Coupa Supplier Portal

03 July 2019

The Coupa Supplier Portal offers suppliers an easy way to receive purchase orders from their Coupa-based customers.

Sample cXML Purchase Order with Annotations

16 March 2016

Use this sample cXML purchase order to help you understand how Coupa transmits POs.

About Purchase Orders

Suppliers can receive POs from their Coupa-based customers via the CSP, cXML, or email/HTML.