Send invoices to your customers through Supplier Actionable Notifications, the Coupa Supplier Portal, cXML, or email/PDF.

Invoicing is an optional part of Coupa, so not all of your Coupa-based customers handle invoicing through Coupa. For customers who handle invoicing through Coupa, we offer several ways of receiving invoices for suppliers of all sizes:

Compliance as a Service

If your customer wants to use Coupa invoicing with Compliance as a Service, there are additional requirements to create your e-invoices if you use Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN), the Coupa Supplier Portal, or cXML invoicing channels.

Supplier Actionable Notifications

Flip your incoming PO's into invoices right from the PO email. This is the easiest way to submit electronic invoices through Coupa. You can also acknowledge and comment on PO's right from the email.

Coupa Supplier Portal

Create invoices directly from purchase orders on the Coupa Supplier Portal for free. This is the most comprehensive way to manage your interactions with Coupa. This method is ideal for suppliers with low to medium volume purchase orders and invoices, or who want to view all transactions from their customers who use Coupa in one place.


Tighter integration with Coupa allows you to send cXML invoices directly to Coupa. If you use cXML for purchase orders, this is a natural choice. This is suitable for suppliers with a high volume of purchase orders, or who automate their invoicing.


Sending PDF copies of invoices through email are for suppliers who lack the volume or resources to justify implementing an automated solution. However, this method may not be allowed by all companies, so check with your customers prior to sending. 


When attaching a document to an invoice, please make sure that the document is relevant and appropriate to the transaction. If you have attached a document in error and the invoice has been submitted to your customer on the Coupa Platform, please contact your customer and request for the file to be removed on your behalf.
Please provide the link to this article and specify the document number univocally. Your customer will contact Coupa support to carry out such a request in due time.

Supplier Actionable Notification as PO Emails

01 February 2024

View and manage Supplier Actionable Notification SAN for PO Email.

Create or Edit an Invoice

09 October 2023

Work with existing invoices or create new invoices without a backing PO.

Invoices FAQ

09 October 2023

Find answers to questions about invoicing with the CSP.

View and Manage Invoices

19 November 2020

View and edit invoices that you sent to your customers.

View Invoice Lines

22 October 2020

View individual invoice lines by going to Invoices > Invoice Lines.

cXML Invoices

24 July 2019

Coupa supports cXML InvoiceDetailRequest and InvoiceResponse documents.

About Invoices

Send invoices to your customers through Supplier Actionable Notifications, the Coupa Supplier Portal, cXML, or email/PDF.