• Last edited on: 14 April 2021

Create SFTP Accounts

Create and manage SFTP accounts to load invoices quickly.

You can create and manage your SFTP accounts for loading invoices for your customer(s) that have not disabled this feature.


Before starting to create SFTP accounts, ensure that your customers support invoicing and this functionality.

Click on the Admin tab on the main menu. On the left of the Admin page, click on the SFTP Accounts link.

On the SFTP Accounts page, select a customer and click Create.


You can create only one account for each customer. Coupa supports RSA 2048 bit key for SSH authentication.


On the appearing Create sFTP Account page, you can choose the file with your own SSH public key to upload, or you can create the account and Coupa generates a password for you.


The SFTP account is created.

If a password is generated for you, you can see it in the Password field.



Write down your password because it is not revealed when you view your account.

The newly created account is listed in the sFTP Accounts table with username and hostname. The username is generated automatically and cannot be modified.


Your customers can provide instructions to help you. If they do, you can see those on the sFTP Accounts page above the table.


Click on the username link to view details of the SFTP account, including the history.


You can also edit the account by clicking on the Edit (edit.png) icon in the Actions column. You can upload SSH keys (one for each of your customers) to replace previous keys, or you can regenerate passwords.


When you have an SFTP account and password, you can start uploading your invoices.


You need to have an SFTP client, for example, Filezilla or Cyberduck, to make the connection and transmit invoices through SFTP.


If you have an SFTP account, you can view SFTP file upload errors