PO failed: No status element in setup response: ok


The supplier is not sending the OrderResponse cXML to Coupa. 

When we post an OrderRequest, the connection is open for up to 60 seconds. During that time, Coupa expects the supplier’s OrderResponse. If Coupa doesn’t receive anything, the connection times out after 60 seconds, and the PO status displays as a failure.

If the cXML Response in the email is blank, it means Coupa received nothing back from the supplier.


If the supplier and buyer information is correct, forward the Coupa failed PO email to the supplier, and ask the supplier to send the OrderResponse.


Subject: cXML Failure (No status returned when sending PO #123)

No status element in setup response: ok

CXML Request

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE cXML SYSTEM "http://xml.cxml.org/schemas/cXML/1.2.014/cXML.dtd">


CXML Response