Set Early Payment Discounts Preferences: Before Invoice Approval

Set your early payment discount terms and apply them to purchase order-backed invoices to get paid faster.

Early Pay Discounts User Guide: Before Invoice Approval

Open and download the latest version of Coupa Pay's Before Invoice Approval User Guide here

Early Pay Discounts User Guide: Suppliers (Coupa Supplier Portal)


Before Invoice Approval helps you get paid earlier by allowing you to set and update preferred payment discount terms. You can apply these terms automatically to all or selected Coupa customers across some or all of your purchase order-backed invoices. Your customers can also set payment terms specific to you.


You can use Coupa Early Pay Discounts: Before Invoice Approval successfully only if your customers have it enabled.

You receive notifications of customers who are ready to accept early payment discount offers, and you can set your payment terms directly from the CSP notifications or accelerate from a PO email.

You can change a net payment term (for example, Net 90) to a discount payment term (for example, 3%/30 Net 90).


Coupa Early Pay Discounts: Before Invoice Approval only changes payment terms. It is at your customers' discretion whether to pay the invoice early and take the discount, or to pay the full amount in the net term days. 

Coupa Static Discounting does not update existing early payment discount terms. It only updates net payment terms to early payment discount terms as you selected. Thus, it does not change a 2%/10 Net 30 term to 1%/10 Net 30. It only changes Net 30 to 1%10 Net 30.

If you always prefer early payment discounts on your Coupa purchase order-backed invoices, set your Static Discounting preferences to apply to all invoices. If you only prefer early payment discounts on some transactions, set those discounts on the specific orders and invoices.

Setting the Static Discounting preferences to apply to all invoices means changing a net payment term on a Coupa transaction (for example, a Net 60 payment term on an order or an invoice) to the discount payment term chosen on the Static Discounting page (for example, 2%/20 Net 60) for all invoices in Coupa, regardless of whether there is a purchase order or what channel the invoice is submitted through. (Invoices can go to Coupa from the CSP, on paper, in emails to the buying company, and through automated data feeds.) This option ensures that you get faster payment on as many invoices as possible through the CSP, and it is recommended if you want early payments on non-PO invoices. 

If you do not choose to set the Static Discounting preferences to all invoices, Coupa only applies the discount payment term to an invoice from an order that has an early payment discount term. This option is recommended if you want your early payment preferences to be applied only to invoices from purchase orders to ensure that the payment terms on your original invoices match the payment terms in Coupa before you create the invoice. If the payment term you selected matches one of the discount terms on your Coupa customer side, that discount is automatically assigned to the transaction, that is, to the Coupa purchase order you receive or the invoice you send through the CSP, Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) (creating invoices from PO emails), or other invoicing channels.

View and set payment terms

Click on the Static Discounting link on the left of the Admin page.


Click on the Edit Preferences button in the top right corner. Fill in the mandatory name and email fields, and select your preferred early payment discount terms to be applied to all your customers by default if Default Customer Preferences is selected. If you have customer-specific payment terms, you can also modify them on this page after selecting the specific customer from the Applies To drop-down.

You can choose from a standardized list of possible discounts for each term length.


For a specific transaction (purchase order or invoice), you can choose to change a net payment term (for example, Net 60) to a discount payment term (for example, 2.5% 10 Net 60) if your customer's configured Payment Terms is enabled for these Coupa-preferred payment terms. You can "accelerate" the order or the invoice.

If your choice matches one of the discount terms on the customer side, that discount is automatically assigned to the transaction.

Select the Apply to ALL invoices checkbox to apply your Static Discounting preference to all invoices, including non-PO backed invoices and invoices sent to your Coupa customer through cXML, email, and so on.

Accelerate orders or invoices

Open the order/invoice and click on the Accelerate Payment button next to the Payment Terms field.


In the appearing Accelerate Payments dialog box, select a payment term from the available options and click Update. Your customer might have assigned payment terms specific to you. Only those payment term options are visible that have the same net payment terms as your default.


If you accept the terms, you are asked in a popup if you want to update your default Coupa Static Discounting payment preferences on all the future orders and invoices with the specific customer. If you decide to Update them, you are directed to the customer-specific Coupa Static Discounting Preferences page. Here, you can also choose to apply your discount payment terms globally to all customers by selecting Default Customer Preferences.



Customer-specific payment term preferences override default customer preferences.

The new payment term is applied and your order is accelerated.



Accelerated payment terms automatically apply to invoices created against accelerated orders.

When an accelerated payment term is applied to an order or an invoice, that payment term is available on the order or the invoice and it has the Accelerated flag. You are notified of the action in the message bar and the change is recorded in the History section.

For a specific transaction, if one of the listings in your customer's Payment Terms table matches your selected preferred discount, that invoice or order is automatically marked as "Accelerated". If there is no match, you can see the Accelerate Payment button in the Payment Term field of the invoice. Clicking on it allows your customer to select from their list of authorized payment terms.

Accelerate orders from PO emails

You can accelerate orders directly from PO emails if:

  • Your customers enabled Coupa Static Discounting.

  • You set accelerate preferences. 

  • POs have net terms that can be accelerated.

  • Your customers set up matching payment terms.

Click on the Accelerate Payment button in the PO email.


From the email, you are directed to the PO and the Accelerate Payment dialog box appears. For more information, see Early Pay Discounts User Guide - Set Static Discounting Preferences for Suppliers.


If your customers turn on Coupa Static Discounting and you are linked to the CSP, you receive notifications of the early payments opportunity. Depending on your notification preference settings, you receive email, online, and/or SMS notifications.


Notifications are sent within 24 hours after your customers enable Coupa Static Discounting.

Email notification


Online notification


When you click on the Update your preferences button in the email notification or on the New Early Pay Customer notification in the CSP, you are directed to the Coupa Accelerate Preferences page where you can set your payment terms.