• Published on: 09 January 2024
  • Last edited on: 04 April 2024

CSP Features by Release

See which CSP features were introduced in which release.

The following table gives an overview of the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) features introduced in various Coupa releases.

Release Feature Description
May 2024 Release (R39) Coupa Advanced with NetSuite Integration

Coupa Advanced streamlines the CSP experience of accounts receivable users by allowing the export of CSP invoices to NetSuite.

Strategic View of Invoices

With Coupa Advanced, suppliers can have a consolidated view of all their invoices across all their Coupa customers, and they can create views with selected columns and filters.

Supplier Onboarding Enhancements

For a streamlined supplier onboarding experience, you can reuse your primary address as your invoice-from, pay-to/remit-to, and ship-from address.

Tax Registration at CSP Account Creation

For better security and supplier experience, creating a CSP account requires tax registration.

January 2024 Release Update 4 (38.4.0) Coupa Advanced

Coupa Advanced suppliers can send automatic notifications to their customers of unpaid invoices, receive weekly reports about changes to invoices, and export their CSP invoices to QuickBooks.

January 2024 Release (R38) Invite Users from Supplier Onboarding

Suppliers are prompted to invite additional users during onboarding.

Other CSP Enhancements

Updated some diversity categories and subcategories.

Added more address lines to the supplier profile and updated the address-related fields accordingly.

September 2023 Release (R37)

Added Functionality to the Admin Users Page

Search and filter functionality makes it easier than ever for suppliers to manage the user data for their Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) accounts.

Optimize Home Page for the CSP

A streamlined Home page experience in the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) helps highlight the most relevant items for suppliers.

Enhanced Account Merge Management and Notifications

Suppliers now have an improved experience with Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) account merge management and merge suggestion notifications.

View Virtual Card Enhancements

Access your virtual cards more easily through the CSP and get better insight into your cards through the payment details view.

Bank Remit-to-Account Refinements

Enter your remit-to bank accounts more easily with an improved process and clear error messages.

Payment Experience Enhancements for Suppliers

As a supplier, receive, manage, and monitor your payments more easily with the refined CSP interface.

May 2023 Release (R36) Onboarding Profile Merge Enhancements

When suppliers join the CSP, they are now prompted to join existing accounts when their email domains match those existing accounts.

Sourcing Event Enhancements

Improved the supplier Sourcing experience to make finding events to participate in easier.

Release 35 (January 2023) Coupa Verified Supplier Enhancements

Suppliers can now sign up for the Verification program from within the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

CSP FedRAMP Email Sanitization

To support our FedRAMP Coupa customers, we now sanitize emails sent to suppliers from the CSP to similarly sanitize identifiable information about your organization.

CSP Security Improvements

To help your suppliers ensure their accounts are secure, we've made several security updates to the CSP.

Supplier Onboarding Enhancements

We've introduced a CSP self-service onboarding flow that captures essential supplier information, helps populate their CSP profile, and ensures they are ready to do business with customers.

Tax Identification Number Validation Enhancements

To help your US suppliers keep their tax information up-to-date, we've introduced tax ID validation in the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). 

Other CSP Enhancements

See other enhancements we've made to the CSP.

Release 34 (September 2022) Create and Manage Your Public Profile

We’ve streamlined the CSP profile experience for suppliers to make managing their profiles even simpler than before. Your suppliers can more easily navigate their profiles and keep their information current.

View cXML Submission Errors

We improved cXML error messaging in the CSP to show the text of the error response on the main error page. 

Supported Languages in the CSP

Greek and Romanian languages and English and Russian locales for Ukraine are now supported in the CSP.

Release 33 (May 2022) CSP Smart Onboarding Enhanements

To help your suppliers be more successful during onboarding, we made improvements to the Smart Onboarding sequence to provide a specific flow for virtual cards, support more countries, and remove Early Payment Discount setup when you don't use early payments.

Other CSP Enhancements

We introduced diversity reporting in the CSP.

Release 31 (August 2021) CSP Supplier Profile Enhancements We've expanded the profile to include sections for your customers and financial information, in addition to community-powered suggestions about ways to improve the your profile.

Automate Legal Invoice Retrieval

Automate your legal invoice retrieval using your own SFTP server.

Other CSP Enhancements

We introduced the following enhancements:

  • Improved supplier experience when merging CSP accounts
  • Improved CSP signup/login experience
  • Availability fields added to the Catalogs loader
  • Namibia English language support
  • Request Connection link on Customer Setup page
  • And more! For more information, see Coupa Supplier Portal Release Notes.

Release 30 (April 2021)


You can now attach voided checks, bank account statements, and other documents when creating a remit-to address that your customer can use to verify your banking information. 
New CSP Profile Design We've redesigned the CSP profile to improve supplier experience.
Supplier Connection Requests You can now send your customers connection requests from the CSP to start the account linking process.
Updated UI for Early Payment Requests We made improvements to the Early Payment Discounts experience that include enhancements to the CSP user interface and a new design for the Early Payment Discounts add-on. 
Other CSP Enhancements

We introduced the following enhancements:

  • We improved the Coupa Advantage and One-Click Savings experience
  • We improved the CSP Help menu
  • Purchase Order table exporting
  • Turkish language support
  • Comments allow comment edits and attachments

Release 29 (January 2021)

(We've changed how we name releases - you can now expect releases to be named by month and year.)

Supplier Onboarding with Additional Profile Information The supplier onboarding flow includes additional details.
New Remit-To Experience for Suppliers You are guided through the process of providing remit-to information.
Other CSP Enhancements

You can view tables with invoice lines and SFTP errors, you can see a reCAPTCHA before merging requests, and are notified when you are deactivated or reactivated and if you have too many active login sessions.

The following new notification preference settings are available: Digital Check Canceled, Virtual Card Canceled, and Receipt created.

When you decline to respond to supplier information requests, you need to provide a comment.

Depending on your customers' settings, you can see payment agreements on POs. 

New Payments Page for Suppliers The new Payments page shows ​a summary of overdue payments, early payment discount requests, tasks, and payment preferences to help you collect and reconcile your receivables from your customers that use Coupa Pay.
Release 28

Smart Onboarding of Suppliers in the CSP

When you register or log in to the CSP to do business with a customer that uses an onboarding flow, you can see a welcome message and are guided through the process of providing the customer with the necessary information.

Supplier Business Performance

You can view a summary of orders and invoices that may need attention, your year-to-date order and invoice trends, and your lead time to shipping goods.

Updated CSP Customer Profile Sync

You can use an external supplier update (system) form to update your profiles for your non-SIM customers.
View Public Sourcing Events in the CSP You can access and participate in public sourcing events.

Other CSP Enhancements

You can see dispute reasons in the table of invoices and are notified of PO cancelations and PO acknowledgement requests.
Release 27 CSP Profile Data Reuse You can reuse your CSP public profile information in Supplier Information Management (SIM) and email your non-SIM customers for help to update your customer profiles.
One-Click Savings You can benefit from savings opportunities provided by other suppliers through the Coupa Advantage program.
Other CSP Enhancements Public and customer-specific profiles are more clearly differentiated, and customer-specific profile pages include information about which customers do not allow profile changes by default. Also, users are arranged in alphabetical order and the user permissions are enhanced to provide targeted access to orders and service/time sheets.
Release 26

Enhancements to the CSP Home and Profile Pages

The CSP has additional fields for the public profile and displays a profile summary.

Restricted Access to Orders and Service/Time Sheets in the CSP As a supplier administrator, you can decide which supplier users can access POs, PO changes, and service/time sheets.
Improved Emails to Suppliers Some frequent emails from your customers have a new look and feel and enhanced content.

Enhancements to Collecting Remit-To Information in the CSP

Supplier Remit-To Redesign

You can provide more remit-to types and add this information to your legal entities in the CSP so that your customers can use different payment methods when working with you.
Release 25 Announcements to Suppliers in the CSP Your customers can create custom announcements to be shown to you in the CSP.
cXML Error Notifications to Suppliers If you use cXML, you can receive notifications of and view cXML submission errors.
Enhancements to the CSP Home and Profile Pages The CSP displays profile completeness allowing you to see at a glance if you need to provide more details in your profiles. Also, if your customers use Supplier Information Management (SIM), the information you submit through SIM forms can be reused in your public profiles in the CSP without having to enter the same information twice.
Improved PO Emails to Suppliers PO emails you receive have a new look and feel, enhanced content, and the improved ability to create a CSP account from emails.
Supplier Support Chat Whether logged in to the CSP or not, you can get help from Coupa Support also through chat.
Early Payment Discount Term Segments Your customers can assign specific Coupa Accelerate payment terms to you. You can accept customer-specific payment terms and choose to apply them globally.
Release 24 SFTP Account for Suppliers You can create and manage SFTP accounts for your CSP instances.
Digital Check Payment in the CSP If your customers use Coupa Pay, you can accept payment through digital checks that you can download and print from the CSP.
Release 23 Supplier Add-ons An add-on is a value-creating product or service that you can begin to use or express interest in using, for example, Coupa AdvantageCoupa Accelerate, or invoice financing. As an admin, you can access all these add-ons from one page in the CSP.
Invoice Creation and Other Improvements You can create invoices and enter payment information more easily due to a more intuitive user interface, and can enjoy a better user experience.
Release 22 Supplier Notifications for Increased Accelerate Adoption You are notified when your customers enable Coupa Static Discounting and they are ready to accept early payment discount offers, and you can act quickly on orders that can be accelerated. 
Bulk Export Legal Invoices You can bulk export all the legal invoice attachments in a .zip file.
Create CSP Accounts from PO Emails and Forward Invites You can create CSP accounts by clicking on a button in a purchase order (PO) email.
Release 20 CSP Two-Factor Authentication with SMS You can use SMS messaging to validate your credentials when prompted by two-factor authentication.
Early Payment Discount Terms at Transaction Level You can choose the type of early payment discount you want for each purchase order you receive and each invoice you send. If your choice matches one of the discount terms on your Coupa customer side, that discount is automatically assigned to the transaction.
Release 18 CSP Service (Time) Sheets You can manage service/time sheets in the CSP.
CSP User Experience Improvements The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), formerly the Coupa Supplier Network (CSN), upgraded its graphical user interface (GUI) to optimize better for mobile devices.
Customer-Enforced Two-Factor Authentication in CSP Two-factor authentication can be mandatory.
Global Early Payment Discount Terms in CSP You can set preferred accelerated payment terms (early payment discounts terms) in the CSP.
Purchase Order Lines in CSP You can view purchase order (PO) lines with Advance Ship Notice (ASN) "shipping status" information from the CSP.
Release 17 Automatic Navigation to Supplier Profile Update You are taken from a Supplier Information Management (SIM) email to update your profile directly in the CSP.
Public Profile Notifications Turned Off Public Profile Update notifications are turned off by default.
Recently Used Remit-To Address A recently used remit-to address is the first on the list of remit-to addresses.
SMS Notifications from Coupa Supplier Portal You can receive notifications in a text message (SMS).