The Coupa Online Community is an online resource for customers and partners to communicate and collaborate with each other and with Coupa.

The Coupa Online Community is powered by Coupa users, spend professionals, system administrators, consultants, tech partners, and industry thought leaders. It’s where members get together to connect, get answers, and share insights with each other. Our members help each other:

  • Build their network by connecting with peers in similar roles, regions, and industries
  • Optimize Coupa product implementation and use by asking and answering questions
  • Grow their business spend management expertise by learning about others’ experiences and approaches 
  • Scale their impact by sharing proven practices and industry observations
  • Prioritize Coupa product enhancements and stay informed on progress by contributing and voting on ideas

Access Community

You can get to the Community in any of the following ways:

  • Go directly to the Coupa Online Community at
  • Go to your Coupa Portals Homepage - the same spot where you access Coupa Compass and Coupa University. Click the Community tile in your Coupa Portals dashboard.
  • In the product, click the Community tab, if available. Click a Discuss button to join any of the conversations featured there or on the Insights tab. 

Get started

The first time you try to access the Community, you might be prompted to set up a Coupa Portals Account. To set up a Portals Account:

  1. Contact your Designated Support Contact (DSC) or send an email to and request access to Coupa Portals. If you are a DSC, view a brief video about managing Coupa Portals access for your users.
  2. When you receive the activation email, click the link to activate your Coupa Portals account. 

On your first login to the Community, complete your Community profile – including your role, industry, and region – when prompted. Providing this information helps match you to other members and topics of interest to you. From there, dive in – we’re excited to have you join the conversation.

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