Punchout failed: Punchout failed to return a cart


The user can see an error message in Coupa that reads: There was an error transferring items from <Supplier>. Your system administrator has been notified. When this happens, the cart is lost and the user needs to create a new cart. 

It is a processing error related to the cXML for the shopping cart due to, for example, missing data elements or incorrect formatting. The data is at the item level, so if the user orders a clean item, this error does not show up. Before creating a new cart, it is important to get the item number in the shopping cart that has this error.

To reproduce, click on the Checkout button on the supplier’s punchout site and get the transferring items error.


  • Ask the supplier for the specific PunchoutOrderMessage cXML they're sending to Coupa.
  • Check the PunchoutOrderMessage cXML.


The user can see this:

The admin can see this:


Admins can enable cXML punchout notifications on their personal notifications settings page under {Username} > Settings > Notifications. Scroll down to the Setup and Admin section and enable A punchout has a cXML error.