• Published on: 12 March 2024
  • Last edited on: 25 March 2024

Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN)

Take action on customer purchase order emails directly from your inbox.


Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) let you receive orders and work with customers who use Coupa, all without the need to join Coupa's supplier network or create a Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) account. You can acknowledge, invoice from, or add comments to a purchase order (PO) directly from the notification Coupa sends you on the customer's behalf.

You'll also get notifications after you submit an invoice to your customer, and updates when your customers perform an action on your invoice. This improves transparency and further reduces the need for suppliers to track down the status of their invoices through phone calls or emails.

Upcoming Changes to SANs

In the Coupa May 2024 Release (R39) we’ll be making an important change in how you work with SANs. This change introduces a one-time password (OTP) that you will need to provide when working with a SAN. This requirement increases the overall security for both customers and their suppliers.


Beginning April 5, Coupa will remove access to SANs that are in Closed or Canceled status, as well as older SANs. Suppliers who try to use these expired SANs will be redirected to page where they can request a new one. To request a new SAN, the supplier needs to verify they’re human by completing a CAPTCHA and then clicking Refresh Access. Coupa then sends the new SAN to that address where the supplier can use it as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are you making this change?

We’re adding OTPs to SANs to safeguard customer and supplier data and provide a more secure supplier experience.

Can I opt out or turn it off?

No. OTPs can’t be disabled for security reasons.

When exactly will this change occur?

This change will take effect when your customer upgrades to the Coupa May 2024 Release (R39). If you have multiple customers who use Coupa, they may upgrade at different times. This means SANs from one customer may switch to the OTP authentication method, while SANs from another customer may continue to use the CAPTCHA authentication method.

Are all SANs affected by this change?

No. In this release, only links contained within Purchase Order SANs are affected. However, we do expect to be adding OTPs to other SANs in future releases.

Can I avoid OTPs by creating a CSP account?

Yes. When a supplier user with a CSP account clicks a link in a SAN, they have the option to use their CSP credentials instead of requesting a OTP.

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