Account, Login, Registration FAQ

Find answers to questions on how to register for and log in to the CSP, and manage your account.


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How much does it cost to join the CSP?

Coupa doesn't charge suppliers to use the CSP.

Where do I register for the CSP?

You can request an invitation to join the CSP. Ask your customer to send you an invitation email or visit For more information, see Register for the CSP.

Why don't I receive the email invitation to join Coupa?

Check your spam/junk email folder. 

Emails sometimes get flagged as spam. If you still cannot find the email invitation, you can register instead. However, if you register, make sure to use the same email address to register that your customer used to invite you.

Why can't I register for the CSP?

If you received the email invitation with the link and can't register, check the I'm not a robot field. If there are any other issues, write to

How do I register if the admin/owner of the CSP account left the company?

Try working internally with your IT department; sometimes they can grant temporary access to the registered email to log in as the administrator that left your company. If this is possible, you can reset your account password from and log in as usual. However, if you can't obtain access to the old email, ask your customer to update the primary email address on their side for you as a supplier, proceed to "unlink" from the old account, and then "relink".

All the transaction data remains. Some basic company information and payment locations/details may need to be updated in the new account, but most of the important information and transaction details are carried over automatically to the new account. For more information, see Create Your Account.

Where do I sign in to the CSP?

How do I cancel my CSP account?

If you're no longer doing business with the customer who set you up on the CSP, ask the customer to make you inactive in the system.

What do I do if I am locked out of the CSP?
Using two-factor authentication protects you against fraud. For more information, see Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication.

If you can't receive the six-digit authentication code or don't have storage for the backup codes, send an email to with the declaration form and we will let you know what further actions are required from your side.

Why don't I get the password reset emails?

Check your spam/junk email folder.

Emails sometimes get flagged as spam. If you still cannot find the email, write to

Why can't I log in to the CSP?

Make sure you have followed the instructions in Log in to the CSP. If you still have issues, reset your password. If the problem persists, write to

Why can't I log in after resetting my password?

Check if you are using the correct URL:

Sometimes users bookmark the password reset URL (instead of the login URL) or bookmark a test site.

What do I do if I am not the admin/owner of my CSP account but I can't log in or don't have full access?

Contact your admin to activate your account or set your permissions. 

Some users in the CSP have more power to activate and deactivate users, and decide which customers and types of information they can access (forexample, invoices but not orders or catalogs). Contact those admins to see why your access is not correct and have them fix it. If this is not possible, contact

Why do I get the "unauthorized or expired account" error?

Your customer has probably deactivated a setting on their end. Contact your customer to find out if this was intentional. ask them to check your supplier record or your supplier user in the system. If they can't solve the problem, they can contact Coupa support.

What do I do if I receive the "We're sorry, but something went wrong" error?

Contact your customer and ask them to open a support ticket because something is wrong on their end with a configuration or an update that they need to resolve with Coupa support.


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