• Last edited on: 18 August 2023

View and Download Digital Checks

Accept payment through digital checks from your customers if they use Coupa Pay.


Digital checks are digital representations of paper checks. You can accept payment from your customers through digital checks that you can download and print from the CSP. After you download the check, you can deposit it digitally or print and deposit it into your bank account as you would a physical check.


If you provide your bank account information, your customers can also pay your invoices through bank transfer. For more information, see View and Manage Remit-to Information.


  • You are a US-based supplier.
  • Your US-based customers use Coupa Pay.
  • You are registered on the CSP. If not linked, you receive an email invitation to register for the CSP

View and download your digital check


The Payments menu item and the Payments page are visible only to supplier users with the Payments permission that have at least one Coupa Pay customer. For more information, see Manage Users.

  1. In the CSP, go to Payments.
  2. In the Select Customer dropdown, choose the customer who sent you the digital check.
  3. In the Actions column, click the Download Check (download_check.png).
  4. In the Download Digital Check window that appears, click Ok to download your check.

You can view and download a digital check only four times to prevent, for example, multiple deposits. You can see how many times you have downloaded a check also in the Download Count column of the Payments table and in the Digital Check field of the Payment Info section in the Payment record.

You have 90 days from when your customer issued the digital check to view and download it. You can deposit the check at any time, but local banking rules may restrict whether an older check will be accepted. Banks in some states may accept checks up to 180 days later. Contact your customer if you need assistance with a digital check that you can no longer view, download, or deposit.


 You can also download the check from the Payment record. Go to Payments and select your payment. Next to the Digital Check field, click Download Check (download_check.png).

  1. In the appearing window, you can open or save the digital check PDF file. For more information, see View and Download Digital Checks: Deposit a digital check.

Deposit a digital check

After you download your check, you can either deposit your check digitally or physically.

Digital deposit

  1. Download your check. For more information, see View and download your digital check.
  2. Endorse the back of the check digitally using a PDF editor.
  3. Scan the check on-screen using your mobile banking app to deposit the check.

Physical deposit

  1. Download your check. For more information, see View and download your digital check.
  2. Print the check as a double-sided check and cut it at the border to get the front and back on the same paper.

 If a double-sided printer isn’t available, most banks will accept a cut-out of just the front of the check.

  1. Endorse the back of the check with an ink pen. If you have only printed the front, endorse the blank back.
  2. Deposit the check as you would any other physical check. If a bank has questions about the validity of the check, they can confirm it with the check originator/sender.

Digital Check Notifications

When your customer releases a payment batch for you, the payment moves from Approved to Payment in progress status and a digital check email notification is sent to the email address of the payee (supplier payment account email) or, if not available, of the primary contact. If you are registered for the CSP and have notifications enabled, you'll also get in-app and/or text notifications alerting you that a digital check is ready for you. For more information, see View and Manage Notifications.

If you are not linked to the CSP, your email contains the Sign up to Print Digital Check button. If you are linked to the CSP, you'll see the Log in to Print Digital Check button instead. To access and download your digital check, you need to register for the CSP. For more information, see Register for the CSP.



How do I know which invoices were paid with this check?

In the Payments table, the Invoice # column displays the invoices that the payment was applied to.