• Published on: 19 November 2023
  • Last edited on: 05 April 2024

Supported Languages in the CSP

See the list of languages and regions available in the CSP.


The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is available in several user-selectable languages. When accessing the CSP, you can select different language and region combinations, such as Spanish for Mexico. 


By default, the CSP is shown in US English.

Change languages

To change the CSP language, select the language picker csp_language_picker.png at the bottom of the page and choose your language and region. For available languages and regions, see Supported languages and regions.


Supported languages and regions


Regions share the same base language but can have different region-specific formats for numbers, date, time, currency, calendar, and starting day of week. For example, English for Australia uses the date format dd/mm/yyyy, while English for the US uses mm/dd/yyyy.

Language Region
Arabic Bahrain
Arabic Egypt
Arabic Iraq
Arabic Jordan
Arabic Kuwait
Arabic Morocco
Arabic Saudi Arabia
Arabic Tunisia
Arabic United Arab Emirates
Dansk Danmark
Deutsch Belgien
Deutsch Deutschland
Deutsch Luxemburg
Deutsch Schweiz
Deutsch Österreich
English Australia
English Canada
English China
English Hong Kong
English India
English Ireland
English Malta
English Namibia
English New Zealand
English Pakistan
English Philippines
English Singapore
English South Africa
English Taiwan
English UK
English Ukraine
Español Colombia
Español España
Español Islas Canarias
Español México
Español Puerto Rico
Français Belgique
Français Canada
Français France
Français Luxembourg
Français Suisse
Italiano Italia
Italiano Svizzera
Magyar --
Nederlands België
Nederlands Nederland
Norsk --
Polski --
Português Brasil
Português Portugal
Română --
Russian Ukraine
Russian Kazakhstan
Suomi Suomi
Svenska --
Tiếng Việt --
Türkçe Türkiye
Čeština --
Ελληνικά Ελλάδα
Русский --
ไทย --
日本語 --
简体中文 CN
繁體中文 台灣
繁體中文 香港
한국어 --