Invite Colleagues and Collaborators to Review a Contract

Learn how to invite colleagues and collaborators to review your contract in Contract Collaboration.


When you receive a contract to review, you might need to invite others to also review it. You can invite colleagues from your organization or others from outside your organization to review your contract.

How it works

Invite a colleague

An internal invite is used to invite somebody from your own organization to collaborate on a contract. Internal invites are useful to loop in someone in your company so they get notifications about what's happening. If a user doesn't already have access to view the contract, internally inviting them gives them access. 

  1. Open the contract from the invitation email.

  2. Select Invite Colleague from the options on the right side of the page.
    Invite colleague fields.

  3. Enter the first and last name of the person you want to invite and their email address.

  4. Select Ask to and then Review.

  5. In the window that appears, enter a message for your invitee and select Ask to Review when you're ready to send the invite.
    Invitee message and submission page.

Invite an other party

An external invite is used when you are inviting somebody to a contract who is not part of your organization.


You can't invite an external reviewer if you have unpublished contract changes. For more information, see Edit and Sign a Contract.

  1. Open the contract from the invitation email.

  2. Select Invite Other Party from the options on the right side of the page.

  3. In the window that appears, complete the fields.
    Invitation to another party.

    Field Description
    First/Last Name Name of the person you are inviting.
    Email Address Email address the invitation sends to. The email recipient receives a link they can use to access the contract, so be sure that you want the recipient to be able to see your contract.
    They will be signing as... Select whether a single person (An individual) or someone on behalf of an organization (An Organization) will sign the contract.
    Full Legal Name of Organization If you selected An Organization in the They will be signing as... section, enter the organization's name.
    Assign Tasks Select whether the invitee can view and invite others to the contract, fill fields, or edit the contract.
    Message to Invitee Enter anything you want your invitee to know.
    Save as template If you want to use the information you entered as a template in the future, check the box, enter the template name, and select Save.
  4. When you are finished, select Send.