View Business Performance Data

You can view a summary of orders and invoices that may need attention, your year-to-date order and invoice trends, and your lead time to shipping goods.

Click on the Business Performance tab on the main menu to view a summary of orders and invoices that may need attention, and year-to-date order, invoice, and delivery time trends.


You can see this page only if you have the Business Performance permission. For more information, see Manage Users.

View the order/invoice summary dashboards

In the top left corner, select from the list or search for the customer for which you want to see performance data.


The selected customer name appears at the top of the page and below it, you can see a summary (with numbers and statuses) of your orders and invoices that need attention as follows:

Document Type Status Description
  Past Due For an issued order, if the "need by date" has passed and the order is not complete.
Not Acknowledged

The number of orders that you have not acknowledged. Shown only if you acknowledged at least one order in the past.

Change Requested Orders for which you or your customer have requested a change.
Not Invoiced Orders that you have not invoiced yet.
  Pending Approval Invoices that have not been approved by your customer yet.
Unpaid Coupa Pay customer invoices that have not been paid yet.
Overdue Invoices that have not been paid yet and are past the due date.
Disputed Invoices that you or your customer have marked as disputed to indicate an invoice discrepancy.

To see the description for a status, hover your cursor over the relevant number.

Clicking on the View links takes you to the Orders or Invoices page, respectively, showing only the list of orders/invoices relevant to the status selected to view.


 The View links are visible only if you have permission to view orders/invoices.

View order/invoice/delivery time trends

Below the summary dashboards, you can find graphs for order, invoice, and delivery time trends for the past 12 months.


The data provided is directional and for informational purposes only, and may be delayed up to one-two weeks.

The order/invoice graphs show the volume/amount and count/number of your orders/invoices by month.


Hover your cursor over Volume or Count in the legend to highlight the relevant data.


Hovering your cursor over the volume bar or count line shows you the volume or count of orders/invoices by month.


Delivery time trends show the average delivery days (time in days between the order date and the receipt date) and the number of orders delivered by month. Hover your cursor over the graph to see details.


Cases when data or customer is missing

  • If no data is available, for example, there are no orders or invoices with the selected customer, the We could not find any relevant (order/invoice) data message is displayed.
  • If you have no transactions (orders or invoices) with a customer, the Before we can show you any cool stuff we need you to get some orders and invoices in here! message is displayed.
  • If you are not connected to any customers, the following message is displayed:  You need to be connected to your customer before we can show you any cool stuff. Ask your customer to send you an email invitation from Coupa. This document explains the steps they need to take. It's super easy. The This document link takes you to the page where you can learn how to add and connect with a customer in the CSP.

Learn more and provide feedback

In the top right corner below the list of customers, you can find the Learning Center and Feedback sections. Click on the following links:

  • Add a customer to learn how to add and connect with a customer in the CSP.

  • Want to get paid earlier? to learn about payment options.

  • Tell us what you think to provide feedback and suggestions to Coupa.


    The Submit button is enabled only when you enter text in the Your message field. After submitting your message, a green notification bar informs you about Feedback sent.


    You can also send an email directly to