Create a hosted catalog or a cXML punchout catalog to add items into Coupa.

Strong catalog content is critical for both your Coupa customers and you as a supplier. Making it easy for your Coupa customers' end users to find your content is a win-win: customers get higher end user acceptance and more spend under management, and you sell more. Check out the topics below to understand how Catalogs work in Coupa, and to decide what the best approach is for you.

Punchout Catalogs

30 March 2023

Punchout catalogs use cXML and create a direct link between the customer's Coupa instance and the supplier's ecommerce website.

Create or Edit a Catalog

29 August 2019

Create or edit a customer's catalog by going to the Catalogs page and by selecting the specific customer.

Create or Edit Catalog Items

29 August 2019

Create or edit items in your customer-specific catalogs.

View and Manage Catalogs

29 August 2019

View, edit, or delete your customer-specific catalogs.

Catalogs FAQ

21 December 2018

Find answers to questions on managing catalogs/punchouts from the CSP.

Configure Punchouts

02 February 2018

Configure customer-specific punchouts by going to the Catalogs page and clicking on the Configure Punchout button.

Hosted Catalogs

06 July 2017

A hosted catalog is the quickest and easiest way for you to add searchable items into Coupa.