• Last edited on: 21 December 2018

Orders FAQ

Find answers to questions about handling purchase orders in the CSP.

Can I set it so I can only see purchase orders that haven't been invoiced yet?

Currently, you are unable to filter purchase orders based on their invoiced status.

How do I see my customer's purchase orders?

On the main menu, click on the Orders tab. If you are connected to more than one Coupa customer, select their name from the Select Customer dropdown menu.

You can see their purchase orders only if you have access. Contact your customer and ask them to give you access.

How do I add a carriage to a purchase order?

You need to contact your customer directly for information about adding a carriage line.

How do I change a price on a purchase order?

You cannot change a price on a PO through the CSP. If you need a change order on a PO, talk to your customer about their policies.

How do I invoice a blanket purchase order?

You can invoice multiple times against a single PO. Just click the gold coin icon for the PO as you normally would, and enter the amount you'd like to appear on the invoice. The next time you want to invoice against the PO, just do the same thing.

How many times will Coupa try to resend a purchase order that wasn't able to be sent?

If a PO transmission results in a connection timeout because there was no response from the supplier, Coupa will try to resend the PO up to four times at five minute intervals.

What is the purpose of a PO acknowledgement by the supplier?

You can let your customers know that you've received the order. Some Coupa customers like their suppliers to use that field. Ask them if they want you to use it.

How can I view historical (closed) purchase orders in my customer's instance?

Your customer can provide you with information on closed purchase orders.

What is a soft closed PO?

A soft closed PO is a PO that your customer can reopen, for example, if an invoice or credit memo submission is needed, or if a PO is closed prematurely or by mistake.

You cannot invoice against a soft closed PO. For more information, see View and Manage POs.