Able to Enable: Supplier Enablement

Revised: 27 April 2023

Your Guide to Successful Supplier Onboarding & Enablement

Engaging and onboarding suppliers is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success with Coupa. That’s why we prepared a series of workshops and hand-picked resources to help your plan and execute your supplier enablement program.


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Workshop 1: Supplier List & Segmentation

Learn how to analyze your supplier base to plan your Supplier Enablement program. In this webinar, a Coupa Supplier Enablement expert steps through the Supplier Enablement Channels report, showing you how to analyze and segment your supplier list so you can prioritize your supplier enablement program to have the greatest impact.

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Workshop 2: Engaging Suppliers with the Coupa Supplier Portal

Learn about the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) and how to invite your suppliers to create their profile. In this webinar you’ll see what your suppliers see when using the portal. A Coupa Supplier Enablement expert will step you through how suppliers set up their account and use the CSP to receive orders and submit invoices.

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Workshop 3: Enabling cXML Suppliers

Learn about cXML and how to use it to exchange PO and invoice data with your suppliers. In this webinar, a Coupa Supplier Enablement expert will introduce cXML data exchange and show you how to enable suppliers to transact via cXML, including a review of the key fields needed to set up suppliers for cXML, and how to test and troubleshoot cXML POs and invoices.

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For more information on Supplier Enablement and related best practices, please check out Coupa Success Compass Webinars (see recorded past sessions and upcoming sessions).