• Published on: 06 February 2024
  • Last edited on: 13 February 2024

Navigate and Get Help

Learn where to find what in the CSP, including help.



Whether you are logged in to the CSP or not, you can chat with Coupa Support to get a quick response or resolution to your case.


This is not a chat option for communicating with your customers.

  1. Click Chat with Coupa Support in the bottom right corner of the page to launch the chat.



    If all the support agents are offline or busy, you can Send a support request through an offline form in the same chat window.

  2. Provide your contact information: first name, last name, email address, and phone number (optional).


    If you are logged in to the CSP, your contact information is pre-populated, but you can modify it.



    If no support agent is available, you also need to provide the subject of your request and a detailed issue description, after which you can see a confirmation that your case was submitted and logged. A support agent contacts you as soon as they are available.

  3. Start chatting with the support agent.


    If the support agent asks you to send a file, a paperclip icon appears on the left of the field where you type your message.


    After the chat ends, you can save the transcript.


Your account and login information is not stored and support agents cannot log in to your CSP. However, information provided in the chat is logged, so do not provide unnecessary personal information.

When you browse, the chat window persists on all the pages except for your Public Profile page, and you can minimize it by clicking on the opposite arrows icon in the top left corner.

The chat is available also when accessing the CSP from a mobile device.

Online Help, Training Webinars, and Help Tour

When you log in for the first time, you are greeted by the Help Tour (welcome tour) on the Home screen. Click on the Help link in the top right corner of the page to view the Help Tour any time.

You can also use the Training Webinars and Online Help links to learn more about the CSP.


Main menu

To access a CSP function, click on the relevant tab on the main menu at the top of the CSP main page.


Menu Item Description

View and improve your public company profile, see the list of customers you are connected to, edit your customer-specific company profile, and merge accounts.

You can go to the Home page from any page by clicking on the coupa supplier portal logo/link in the top left corner above the main menu.

Profile Create, modify, and manage your public and customer-specific profiles, and specify which remit-to addresses each customer can use.
Orders View the purchase orders you received from your customers.
Service/Time Sheets View the list of service/time sheets and related purchase order lines.
ASN Send advance ship notice, that is, notifications about when you ship items to your customers.
Invoices Create and manage invoices to send to your customers.
Catalogs Create and manage customer-specific catalogs.
Payments Accept payment through digital checks from your customers if they use Coupa Pay.
Business Performance View a summary of orders and invoices that may need attention, your year-to-date order and invoice trends, and your lead time to shipping goods.
Add-ons Access Coupa supplier add-ons, for example, Coupa Advantage, Early Payment Discounts, supplier profile update, and more.
Setup Manage users, merge requests, and remit-to addresses, set up electronic invoicing, add fiscal representatives, view and accept the Terms of Use, and set preferred early payment discount terms.

Contact Coupa Support

For Supplier support, please visit the Coupa Suppliers site, and see the Supplier Help Center and frequently asked questions.

For any technical or functional support-related questions not answered in the Supplier Help Center, Suppliers can chat with an agent 24x5 through the chat box on the Coupa Supplier Portal (supplier.coupahost.com), or email supplier@coupa.com. Any questions regarding the Customer/Supplier relationship, processes, request/invoice/payment status, and so on, cannot be addressed by Coupa Support and must be directed to the Coupa Customer.