Creating a New or Existing Worker on a Project (MSP - Client - Supplier)

As a supplier supporting projects for the customer, you will be able to create, or attach, workers to a project.

  • Supplier will go to Menu>My Workspace>Project List Project list 1png.png
  • Select which project to create workers for from the list of available projects.

Project list 2png.png

  • Select Create Worker from the Action list.

Project list 3.png

  • Select the Task Order # (Number) from the drop-down list.
  • Once you have selected the task order to add a worker to the associated Job Title(s) and Work Package(s) to select from will become available.

Project list 4.png

  • Selecting the job title will populate the area to determine if you are creating a new or an existing worker.

Picture list 5.png

  • Click on the appropriate radio button to indicate if you are creating a New CW or if you will be utilizing an Existing CW for this project.

New Worker

  • If you are creating a new worker on the project, click Save & Continue to complete the required information for your worker.
  • You will be required to complete information on the following tabs:

The Project Summary tab information was completed with the process listed above.

Requisition Tab

Project list 6.png

  • All of the financial information will populated based on the information the manager entered when creating the project.
  • Select the Reason to Hire from the drop-down list.
  • Click into the Work Location Address field and hit the spacebar.  Click on the populated address to add to the worker’s profile.
  • Indicate if the worker will need Badge Access and System Access .
  • Select the worker’s Employment Type and work Shift from the respective drop-down list.
  • Click on the CW Profile tab.

CW Profile Tab

Project list 7.png

  • Complete all required fields that are indicated by a red asterisk (*).

The Social Security Number and Confirm Social Security Numbers fields will only be present if this is a requirement mandated by the customer.

  • Indicate if the worker will be accessing the system directly to enter hours worked and/or incurred expenses in the CW User field.
  • If you select ‘Yes’ for CW User, you will need to enter the worker’s Primary Email address with will be used to active and access the tool.

Project list 8.png

  • Complete the information required to create the unique Coupa CW Identifier.

  • This information is a unique eight-digit number created by combining the last four digits of the candidate’s SSN and the first four digits of the candidate’ birthdate; the month and day only.

  • Click on the WO Info tab.

WO Info Tab

Project list 9.png

  • Indicate the worker’s Start Date and End Date by click on the respective calendar icons and selecting the desired dates.

  • Indicate if the worker will enter their hours worked directly in the tool by selecting the correct radio button from the Coupa CW Timesheet field.

  • Indicate if the worker is an Independent Consultant and if the worker is exempt or non-exempt from Overtime .

Project list 10.png

  • Click ADD to add the displayed charge number to the grid.

  • Enter the Timecard Approvers in the respective field and select from the populated list.


You must click on the blue plus (+) to add the approver’s name to the grid.


  • Enter the Country/Region, State and County combination from each drop-down list based on where the worker is providing services to the customer.

The information available in the State and County fields is dependent on the selection from the previous field.

Project list 12.png

  • Enter the worker’s Work Order (WO) Rates information as indicated.

The OT Pay Rate will auto-populate based on the Pay Rate entered.

  • The Supplier OT Bill Rate, Final Bill Rate and Final OT Bill Rate will auto-populate based on the Supplier Bill Rate entered.
  • Click on the Supplier tab.

Supplier Tab

Project list 13.png

  • Verify the displayed information and select the desired Supplier Contact name from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the Review & Submit tab.

Review & Submit Tab

Project list 14.png

  • Verify all information entered on previous screens.

  • To make and corrections or updates, click on the desired tab.  Once all updates have been completed click the Review & Submit tab.

  • Click Create CW to create your worker and add them to the project.

Your worker will now be read to complete the onboarding process.

Existing Worker

Project list 15.png

  • If you are adding a worker that has worked on a previous project and is already in the system, you will select Existing CW and enter the CW Details .


The CW Details can be the worker’s name or previous CW Number.

Project list 17.png

  • Click Update and indicated your Confirmation that you want to add an existing worker to this project.