• Last edited on: 27 August 2022

Supplier Organization Information

As the MSP or Supplier, you can edit the supplier organization information.

  • Navigate to Menu  ➔ Supplier Relationship Management  ➔ Supplier Lookup
    supplier lookup.png
    • If you are an MSP user, you will first need to search for the supplier organization using the search Supplier Lookup feature. Supplier users will skip the next two steps.
    • Click the Search button.
    • Locate the Supplier you wish to edit information for and click their Company Name.
      action list.png

  • Click on Edit Supplier Info from the Action List



  • Update any of the pieces of information that you want.
    • All information EXCEPT Supplier Common Name and Tax ID can be updated . Any suggested changes to these fields should be communicated to the MSP instead. However, Company Name can be edited to reflect how you want this supplier to appear throughout CCW.
      • It is recommended to use the Company Name in the Alias Name field as well, as Alias is used in some Invoice-related files.
    • Customers who also use the Coupa Core platform can select one or both of the checkboxes near the bottom of the form to indicate whether the supplier bills directly, to ensure Coupa Core purchase orders are assigned correctly.
  • Click Submit .