Release Notes

See what's new in Coupa. All the product release notes are available from this top-level page.

About Coupa Releases

Information on release mangagement, including schedules, maintenance windows, and how get the most out of our release notes.

September 2023 Release (R37)

See what's new in the September 2023 Release (R37).

May 2023 Release (R36)

See what's new in the May 2023 Release (R36).

January 2023 Release (R35)

See what's new in the January 2023 Release (R35).

September 2022 Release (R34)

See what's new in the September 2022 Release (R34).

May 2022 Release (R33)

See what's new in the May 2022 Release (R33).

Other Release Notes

Release notes for the CSP and other Coupa Apps, for example, Analytics, Contract Collaboration, InvoiceSmash, and the Android and iOS Mobile apps.

Future Direction

This page contains links to high-level Statements of Direction from each of the Coupa product areas, discussing key themes we are working on and planned future features.

Release Notes Archive

Coupa's release notes for versions before May 2022 can be found here.

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