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View and Manage POs

View purchase orders received from your customers.

Click on the Orders tab on the main menu. The Orders page with the Purchase Orders table appears.

From the Select Customer drop-down list in the top right corner, select the customer whose POs you want to see.


When you visit the page again, it shows you the POs from the customer you selected last time.

The Purchase Orders table shows the following information for all the POs you received from the selected customer.

Column Description
PO Number PO number generated by Coupa. Click on it to view the PO.
Order Date Date when the PO was created.
Status Current status of the PO. For more information, see the PO status list below.
Acknowledged At

Date when you acknowledged the receipt of the PO, or "None" if not acknowledged.

You can choose to let your customer know that you received their PO by selecting the Acknowledged At checkbox on the PO. When you select the checkbox, the current date appears in the Acknowledged At column.

This checkbox is a simple toggle, so you can also un-acknowledge an invoice by deselecting the checkbox. If you re-acknowledge at a later time, the new date appears.

Items List of items on the PO.
Unanswered Comments

Your comments on the PO for your customer. Also, your customer's comments that you need to respond to.

You can see all your customer's comments or add your comments for the customer when you open the PO.


If you need urgent communication, contact your customer directly.

Total Total amount of the PO.
Assigned To

Contains the email address of the users that have been assigned the Restricted Access to Orders and Restricted Access to Service/Time Sheets permissions.


This column is visible only if the Restricted Access to Orders and Restricted Access to Service/Time Sheets permissions are assigned to at least one user.


Click on the icons for the following actions:

  • Gold_Coins.pngCreate (flip the PO into) an invoice.

    Depending on your customer's settings, the tooltip text can be about creating an invoice from the PO or accepting the PO and creating an invoice.

  • Red_Coins.png - Create a credit note.
  • Services.png - Create a service/time sheet.
  • send_asn_icon.png - Create (flip the PO into) an advance ship notice (ASN).

You can export the Purchase Order table to CSV or Excel.

You can also print POs. Click on the PO Number link to open the PO and at the end of the PO, click on the Print View button. Depending on your browser, click on the three vertical dots or the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner of the appearing window to open the browser menu, and select Print from the list of options.


You cannot reject a PO, but if you do not accept it, you can add a comment on it for your customer.

You can filter the table by columns, use the search bar to filter with a search term, or click on the View drop-down list to perform advanced filtering. For more information, see Create Custom Views.

POs can have the following statuses:

Status Description
Buyer Hold The PO is approved but requires your Coupa customer to review it.
Cancelled The PO is cancelled and does not need to be fulfilled.
Closed The issued PO was received and then closed, either manually or automatically within Coupa.
Currency Hold The PO is on hold due to a currency exchange rate issue.
Error Something is wrong with the PO. Contact your customer to get the PO back on track.
Issued The PO was approved and sent to you.
Soft Closed The PO is closed but can be reopened. You cannot invoice against a PO in this status.
Supplier Window Hold The PO was approved outside of the order window schedule under contract terms.

Above the table you can have instructions from the customer specifying, for example, policies or best practices.