• Last edited on: 09 October 2023

Log in to the CSP

See how to log into the CSP using single or two-factor authentication.


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Login page

Go to supplier.coupahost.com and in the Log In tab, enter your email address and password and click Log in.

    CSP login page.

    Multiple active sessions

    You cannot have more than three active sessions simultaneously. When you log in to another session, you are forced to close an open one. A message notifies you that you have too many active logins and you will be signed out from one of your other sessions if you click Log In. You can also Cancel the attempt to log in to another session.



    Your account is deactivated automatically if it is inactive for a defined period of time, that is, if:

    • You have not logged in to the CSP for more than 90 days.
    • You have not verified your account for 6 months.

    You receive an email notification with the subject "Your CSP Account is Inactive." To keep your account active, you need to log in to the CSP.

    When you try to log in as an inactive user, a red message bar notifies you of the verification email you received. To reactivate your account, you need to confirm that email. On the CSP login page, a green message bar informs you of the successful email verification and you can log in. For more information, see Log in to the CSP.

    Welcome message

    When you log in for the fist time from a new customer-created invitation, you can see the following welcome message and company logo by default. Your customer can customize the welcome message, so the message might be different and have your customer's logo instead of the Coupa logo.


    Welcome tour

    Once you are signed in, Coupa takes you on a welcome tour.


    If you log in from a new customer-created invitation, the welcome tour is not shown, but you can access it from the Help menu. For more information, see Navigate and Get Help.


    You can skip the tour by clicking on the Skip button or closing the window with the X in the top right corner. Clicking Next takes you to the second page of the tour, which provides you with basic information on the benefits of invoicing through the CSP.


    By clicking on the relevant link, you can go directly to view the Orders, Invoices, or Admin pages, or go to the next tour page that provides basic information about how the CSP can help you transact and communicate with your customers, for example, by allowing you to manage your catalogs, orders, and invoices, and setting notification preferences for important customer transactions.

    The fourth (last) page of the tour summarizes the additional features, for example, the possibility to provide supplier information through the CSP, update POs with advance ship notice (ASN), update catalog items, and features for payments, such as, managing payment settings. If you click on the Go to Online Help to Learn More link, you are directed to the Coupa Supplier Portal Admin and User Guide for details on each feature.


    Two-factor authentication

    When you log in for the first time, you are prompted to enable two-factor authentication. For more information, see Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication.


    Some customers may require you to use two-factor authentication when accessing their information.

    Log in with two-factor authentication

    If you have enabled two-factor authentication, the Two-Factor Authentication window opens when you want to log in to the CSP.

    If you enabled the Two-Factor Authenticator App, choose open Google Authenticator on your device, choose your CSP account, and get the validation code.

    If you enabled two-factor authentication for SMS, check your text messages to get the verification code.


    Type the two-factor authentication code in the appropriate field, choose Remember this computer for 30 days if you are not using a shared or public computer, and click Log In.


    The code is good only for 60 seconds. If you do not type that code on the CSP sign-in page and click Log In within 60 seconds, you have to get a new code and try again.

    For more information, see Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication.


    If you are locked out and you do not have your six-digit backup validation code, contact your customer who will ask for a declaration form and either your email used to log in to the CSP or a copy of your photo ID or passport to verify your identity.


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