• Last edited on: 12 June 2023

CSP Videos

Watch short video tutorials to help you learn how to use the CSP.

Watch the following short video tutorials for quick help on using the Coupa Supplier Portal.


The CSP makes managing customers and transactions easy. For more information, see Coupa Supplier Portal.


You can create your public profile to let customers know what your business does and why they should work with you. For more information, see Create and Manage Your Public Profile.

Customer-branded welcome message


You can access help with the CSP in different ways. For more information, see Navigate and Get Help.


You can manage user permissions and customer access. For more information, see Manage Users.


You can view announcements from your customers on the Home page. For more information, see View Customer Announcements.


You can receive purchase orders from your Coupa-based customesr via the CSP, cXML, or email/HTML. For more information, see Purchase Orders.


If your customer uses Coupa for their invoicing, you can send invoices to them through Supplier Actionable Notifications, the Coupa Supplier Portal, cXML, or email/PDF. For more information, see Invoices.


You can create and edit invoices with a backing PO, without a backing PO, from a contract or a time sheet. For more information, see Create or Edit an Invoice.

Create an invoice from a purchase order

Create an invoice from a contract

Create a blank invoice

Create a credit note

You can use credit notes for invoices in a Disputed or Approved status. For more information, see Create or Edit an Invoice.


You can create a hosted catalog or a cXML punchout catalog to add items into Coupa. For more information, see Catalogs.

Set payment preferences (static discounting)

To help get paid faster, you can set your early payment discount terms and apply them to invoices as well as purchase orders. For more information, see Set Static Discounting Preferences.

One-Click Savings

Access savings and discounts exclusively for members of the Coupa Community. For more information, see Access Add-ons.