Supplier Actionable Notification as PO Emails

View and manage Supplier Actionable Notification SAN for PO Email.

You can simplify interactions with Coupa customers without the need to log in to the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). With the Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) feature, you receive email notifications for purchase orders (POs) created in Coupa, allowing you to take direct actions and improve overall efficiency in the transaction process.

SANs also enable you to create service time sheets directly from email notifications for service POs, helping you document the work and receive notifications post-invoice submission, providing transparency by updating you on customer actions.

Manage Supplier Actionable Notifications

Through the SAN, you can perform different actions according to your needs:

Company Purchase Order' shows at the top in bright-blue lettering with the PO number. A summary of the order shows below with large dark-orange buttons with 'Manage Order' and 'Create Invoice' in bold white letters. An option to 'Create Your Account' in the CSP shows at the bottom.

Purchase Order shows at the top in bold, black lettering with the PO number. Below that you see 'Lines' in bold, black letters followed by a thick bright-blue bar and details about the PO.

Create Invoice' shows at the top in heavy, black letters with 'Create' next to it in dark-gray letters. Below is a form with open text boxes and configured options for the invoice.

  • Add a comment: Include additional notes or information to provide context or communicate within your current transaction team.
  • Acknowledging the PO: Confirm receipt and acceptance of the PO.
  • Creating a CSP account: Create your CSP account to access enhanced benefits and services.

Upon converting a service request to a PO, you will receive a SAN, facilitating the creation of service time sheets against the PO. The SAN is sent to the Service Manager's Email specified in the service requisition.

Please submit' shows at the top in bright-blue lettering with a quick description of the purchase order and the PO number. 'Order Summary' shows tall black letters on a light-gray background with the date, PO total, shipping terms, payment terms, and contact details of a person. Below with two large dark-orange buttons side-by-side with 'Manage Order' and 'Create' shown in bold white letters.


If you have a CSP account,the SAN will include the list of CSP Admins you can contact to get added as a user to your company.