Examples of compliant cXML invoices and credit notes for Italy.


When setting up your remit-to address, your VAT ID must begin with IT, followed by eleven digits. For example: IT12345678901

All tax amounts must include the alternateAmount and alternateCurrency attributes. The alternate currency must be set to EUR. See Providing Amounts in Local Currency for more info.

Extrinsic fields

The following extrinsics are required to send a compliance-assured Italian invoice. You may require additional extrinsics specific to your industry or billing situation:

  • ExchangeRate

Credit Notes also requires the following additional fields/extrinsics:

  • Original invoice number
  • Original invoice date
  • Credit reason

Other extrinsics may be required based on your specific invoicing scenario. See Adding Extrinsics to Your Invoice for more info.

Example invoices

Italy Compliance Sample cXML

23 October 2019

Invoice with tax cXML example for Italy.