• Last edited on: 27 August 2022

Supplier Offsite Locations

You can add offsite locations to your supplier profile. For each offsite location associated with your agency, you will need to provide the location, vendor technical point of contact, and IP address details.

  • Navigate to Menu  ➔ Supplier Relationship Management  ➔ Supplier Lookup supplier lookup.png
    • If you are an MSP user, you will first need to search for the supplier organization using the search Supplier Lookup feature. Supplier users will skip the next two steps.
    • Click the Search button.
    • Locate the Supplier you wish to edit information for and click their Company Name. action list.png
  • Click on Add Offsite Location from the Action List.
    Offsite physical location .png
  • Enter Offsite Location Name .
  • Enter full address information of Offsite Location.
  • Select Supplier Location by entering location name and selecting from populated list. mailing address.png
  • If the mailing address of the Offsite Location is the same as the physical address click the check box, otherwise, you can enter the mailing address here. vendor tech. point of contact.png
  • Enter the Last and First Name .
  • Enter Point of Contact Email Address.
  • Enter the Phone # (number) of the point of contact
    IP Address.png
  • Enter a valid IP Address and click Add .
  • Click Submit .

Edit Supplier Offsite Location

  • Navigate to Menu  ➔ Supplier Relationship Management  ➔ Supplier Lookup

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Offsite Locations to display a list of all your Offsite Locations.
  • Find Offsite Location Name to edit.
  • Select Edit Offsite Physical Location icon.
  • Verify all information, update any fields needed and click Submit .
    Offsite locations.png