Supplier Resources

Our goal is to get you enabled and integrated with your customers on Coupa, with as little impact to you and your customer’s business.

At Coupa, we’re all about customer success. Our goal is to get suppliers enabled and integrated into Coupa with minimal business impact. Because we don’t charge fees to join the Coupa Open Business Network or for transactions processed through Coupa, there should be little-to-no cost for suppliers to get set up in Coupa.

Since getting set up in Coupa depends on the specific solution each Coupa customer has implemented, not all integration methods will apply. Suppliers should talk with their Coupa customer to learn more.

Use the topics below to get started with setting up suppliers in Coupa.

Able to Enable: Supplier Enablement

Learn more about enabling your suppliers. Explore resources and videos to help you develop your ongoing supplier enablement program.

For Customers

Strategy and resources for Coupa customers to help you get your suppliers onboarded and enabled to transact.

For Suppliers

Everything suppliers need to get up and running, from custom integrations to using the CSP.