Financial Setup


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Set Early Payment Preferences

09 February 2023

With Dynamic Discounting, you choose the discount percentage you offer your customer for specific invoices, which lets them decide whether they want to pay early to receive the discount.

Set Static Discounting Preferences

09 February 2023

Set your early payment discount terms and apply them to invoices and/or purchase orders to get paid faster.

Set Up Legal Entities

27 July 2022

Set up your account by adding legal entities to be able to create e-invoices.

View and Manage Remit-to Information

04 May 2022

Provide remit-to information to meet compliance regulations when invoicing.

Supplier Remit-to Account Validations

14 March 2022

Review the minimum requirements for setting your bank account for payment.

Add Fiscal Representatives

02 February 2022

Add fiscal representatives in countries where you are not registered with a local address but need to be registered for tax purposes.