Punchout failed: No status element in setup response (incorrect file format)


The punchout URL is correct, but the supplier’s response is not in the proper PunchoutSetupResponse cXML file format.

To reproduce, click on the punchout supplier link and receive the No Status Element error in Coupa.


  • Make sure that the supplier uses the proper PunchoutSetupResponse cXML file format. For example: 
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE cXML SYSTEM "http://xml.cxml.org/schemas/cXML/1.2.014/cXML.dtd">
    <cXML xml:lang="en-US" payloadID="123" timestamp="2014-01-01T08:46:00- 07:00">
       <Status code="200" text="success"/>
  • Check the Coupa punchout failed notification email with the subject “cXML Failure (There was an error on Punchout)”, and review the supplier’s cXML response.

  • Forward the email to the supplier, and ask the supplier to provide the PunchoutSetupResponse in the proper cXML file format.