How do Early Pay Discounts (EPD) work?

How do Early Pay Discounts (EPD) work?

Understand how Early Pay Discounts work between buyers and sellers with Coupa.


Net payment terms shown on the Early Payments page as well as on your orders and invoices are set up by your customer. The terms cannot be changed here or by Coupa. For questions or to make changes to your net payment terms, contact your customer directly.

As a supplier, you can set up your preferences for Early Pay Discounts (EPD) in the CSP. To do this, log in to the CSP and:

  1. Go to Setup > Admin.
  2. From the left menu, select Early Payments > Early Pay Discounts.

    Previously, Early Pay Discounts and After Invoice Approval were two separate pages.

From the Early Pay Discounts screen, you can set your preferred discount preferences. For EPD setup, you have two options. You can either:

  • Set up Global Discount Preferences. Global Discount Preferences are the discount terms that you’re willing to accept from all of your customers using Early Pay Discounts in Coupa. You can select a preferred term for each net payment term that you use with your customers.
  • Set up Customer Preferences. The Customer Preferences option may not be available to you; it's based on your customer’s EPD settings in Coupa. Setting specific terms for an individual customer will override any Global Discount Preferences you have set.

Based on the EPD preferences you set on the Early Pay Discounts page, Coupa then updates the payment terms on all your future purchase orders and invoices if the following conditions are met:

  • Your buyer has an EPD program.
  • Your buyer has enrolled you in an EPD program.
  • Your terms, either set in Global Discount Preference or Customer Preferences, match the customer's terms.

If the above conditions are not met, no action or changes occur in the system.

For more information about reviewing and submitting early payment requests, see View and Manage Early Payments.


For assistance with Early Pay Discounts, email

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