• Last edited on: 02 February 2022

Add Fiscal Representatives

Add fiscal representatives in countries where you are not registered with a local address but need to be registered for tax purposes.


You need a fiscal representative if you are legally registered in country/region A, but you have some operations in country/region B that require you to be registered for tax purposes in country/region B. As you are not legally registered (with a local address) in country/region B, you need a representative/agent to represent you towards the tax authorities if they need to contact your business. Furthermore, in some countries this information must be on the invoice. 

If you add a fiscal representative, this is associated with a tax registration number that you set up when adding a legal entity. For more information, see Set up Legal Entities.  


Add fiscal representatives before setting up a legal entity. This ensures that you can assign your fiscal representative to your legal entity.

How it works

Add a fiscal representative

  1. Go to Setup > Admin > Fiscal Representatives.
  2. Select Add Fiscal Representative.
  3. In the appearing window, fill in at least the mandatory Address fields (marked with a red asterisk): address line 1, city, postal code, country/region, and VAT ID.
  4. Select Continue.

Edit or deactivate a fiscal representative

  1. Go to Setup > Admin > Fiscal Representatives.
  2. Select Manage next to the fiscal representative you want to modify or deactivate.

You can modify the Contact fields. To change the other fields, create a new fiscal representative.

  1. Select Deactivate to deactivate the fiscal representative or modify the fields you want to change and select Continue.

If you deactivate a fiscal representative, it is removed from any legal entities it was assigned to.