Uploading Multiple Workers to a Project

As a supplier supporting projects for the customer, you will be able to create, or attach, multiple workers to a project utilizing the upload worker feature.

  • Supplier will go to Menu > My Workspace > Project List


  • Select which project to create workers for from the list of available projects.


  • Select Upload Worker from the Action list.


  • Click on Download Template .


  • Choose to save or open the downloaded file based on the browser you are currently using.


  • Complete all fields for each worker.

All fields labeled with read headers are required to be completed for all each worker.

  • Please be aware that rows do scroll off the screen to the right.
  • Once you have completed all required information for all workers, save your file in an easily accessible location.
  • Go back into the system to choose the desired project to upload workers to.
  • Click on Upload Worker from the Action List.


  • Click on Upload File .


  • Click on the blue file folder in the File Name field to navigate to your saved file.
  • Click on Submit to start the upload process.


  • Once the file upload is complete, you will see a display of information indicating such items and the No. (Number) of Records in the file, the Status of the file and any error messages that may be in the file.
  • If there are any errors in your file, they will be display in the File Error Log section. You will need to correct the errors and re-upload on those records you just created.
  • Any records in the file that were uploaded correctly will not have the workers in onboarding status.