• Last edited on: 24 April 2017

Punchout Ordering

Create a punchout request.

The following is a process workflow for punchout ordering.

  1. The user logs into Coupa and clicks on the supplier's punchout link.
  2. Coupa sends the supplier a PunchoutSetupRequest cXML with user info.
  3. The supplier authenticates and returns to Coupa a PunchoutSetupResponse cXML with the landing page URL.
  4. The user shops on the supplier's website, adds items to the cart, and checks out from the supplier's website.
  5. The supplier transfers the cart data and sends a PunchoutOrderMessage cXML to Coupa.
  6. The cart items are added to the user's requisition in Coupa, and the user submits it for approval.
  7. Once the requisition is approved, Coupa generates a purchase order (PO) and sends an OrderRequest cXML to the supplier.
  8. The supplier receives the order, processes it, delivers the order to the user, and bills the user.

For more info, see integrate.coupa.com.

The most common errors are the following: