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Workflow & General Information

Depending on your browser, CCW may appear slightly different from what is shown within this manual.

For help with access or other technical issues, please log a ticket in the Coupa Support Portal .

Coupa CW Contingent Worker Process Overview

This guide will provide detailed instructions on the Contingent Worker Process from the Program Administrator standpoint. This manual also covers a broad range of topics beyond just this cycle, but for instructional purposes it is highly recommended to become familiar with this portion first. Below is a diagram of the process:


Program Administrator , Client User , Supplier User

General Information

General Information.png

Landing Page: The landing page has a welcome message and the most common tasks represented by specific icons when logging into Coupa CW.
Navigation Icons: Icons that quickly take you to the most commonly used areas within Coupa CW. Based on your user type and permissions you might see any of the following icons:

  • Create Requirements – used to quickly start the process of creating a requisition for resources.
  • Requirement List – this is where you will access and monitor your submitted requisitions.
  • Contingent Worker – go directly to the search feature for your contingent staff.
  • Onboarding - takes you directly to your onboarding workspace to monitor and complete onboarding for your workers.
  • Timesheet – takes you directly to your timesheet workspace where you will be able to create/monitor timesheets.
  • Expense – takes you directly to your expense workspace where you will be able to create/monitor expenses.
  • Resume Bank - takes you directly to your list of all candidate resumes that you can submit.

Main Menu: The main menu is located at the top left corner of the screen. This is for accessing My Workspace, Create a Requisition, etc.
Home: To link the user directly back to the main landing page from anywhere in Coupa CW.
Top Right Navigation: Icons that are easy to identify and will help you get where you need to go quickly.

These include:

  • Calendar – List of events occurring such as interviews and upcoming contract end dates;
    • Note: the way dates and times are displayed in your calendar is determined by your Locale - a combination of the Language and Region settings in your profile.
  • To Do List - links to the user’s personal To Do List showing all actions that need user’s attention;
  • Release Notes Any updates in the system about new application releases
  • System Alerts Alerts set by users to notify others in the system

Email notifications: Coupa CW email notifications will be sent each time there is a status change during the process flow of requesting a Contingent Worker, and any time actions such as extensions, pay rate changes, and/or terminations occur.  Notifications will come from Coupa CW Notifications.
Roles: There are a number of different user types that have actions inside Coupa Contingent Workforce (CCW).  The roles listed below can all represent those different CCW users:

Role Responsibility

Hiring Manger / Approver

  • Manager of Resources.
  • Approves CW timesheets and expenses
  • Requests CW contract extensions, rate changes and terminations
Program Administrator Administrator of the contingent workforce program.
Contingent Worker (CW) Associate providing requested services to client.