View and Manage Connection Requests

Send your Coupa customers a connection request to connect your CSP account with their Coupa account so you can transact with them using the CSP.


If you are not connected with Coupa customers on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), you can send your customers connection requests to connect your CSP account with their Coupa accounts so you can transact with them using the CSP. Connecting with your Coupa customers on the CSP saves you time and effort by consolidating where you transact with your Coupa customers. The sooner you connect, the sooner you can centralize where you do business with your Coupa customers.


 If you need to create a CSP account, see Register for the CSP.

How it works

View connection requests and suggestions

If you have the Admin role, you can go to Setup > Connection Requests to send connection requests to your Coupa customers and to review the status of sent requests.

The CSP suggests potential matches, and you can search for your customers by clicking the Search button.


Column Name Description

Name of the customer that you initiated connection with or that the CSP thinks may be a match for your customer.


After you connect with a customer, their name becomes a hyperlink that you can hover your cursor over to see the customer list associated with the customer.


For customer suggestions, you can click Connect (linkage_accept.png) to send your customer a connection request.


Status of the request:

  • Approved: Your customer accepted the connection request.
  • Expired: Your customer did not respond to the connection request within 30 days. You can send another connection request once the request expires (you can send a maximum of three requests).
  • Pending: The connection request was sent to your customer, who has not responded yet. Your customer has 30 days to respond before the request expires.
  • Rejected: Your customer denied the connection request.

If your customer left you a comment about why they rejected your connection request, their comment displays in the Comments column.

Email Email address you provided when manually searching for a customer. If you requested a connection from the list of suggestions, the column displays [system initiated].
Date Date you requested the connection.

Comments from your customers, should they have rejected your connection request and left you a comment. This field is not mandatory for Coupa users, so there may not be comments.

Send a connection request from a suggestion

  1. Go to Setup > Connection Requests.
  2. Locate your customer and click Connect (linkage_accept.png) in the Actions column.

Send a connection request from a search

  1. Go to Setup > Connection Requests.
  2. Under the table, click Search.
  3. In the Search for a customer window that appears, enter your customer's name in the Customer Name field and click Search (search.png). The CSP returns search results in the box that appears. You can search a maximum of five times. If you can't find your customer's name, contact them for more information.
  4. Select your customer. The Customer Contact and reCAPTCHA fields appear.
  5. Enter your customer's email address in the Customer Contact field and complete the reCAPTCHA field.
  6. Select the checkbox next to the confirmation message that appears and click Request.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What happens if I have pending connection requests and merge my CSP account with another CSP account?

The CSP account that takes over the merged account displays all unique pending and accepted requests. If there are duplicate pending requests for the same customer, the CSP displays one consolidated request. Rejected and expired requests are removed. For more information, see Manage Merge Requests.