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View and Manage Early Payments

View and manage your early payments which incentivize your customers with discounts to pay early.


Early Payment Requests help you get paid earlier by allowing you to offer your customers discounts on their invoices if they pay them early. You choose the discount percentage you offer your customer for eligible approved invoices, which lets them decide whether they want to pay early to receive the discount. By incentivizing customers to pay early for discounts, you increase your working capital by receiving payments early.


Your Coupa customer has to enroll you in their Discounting program for you to use early payment requests successfully. For more information, see Set Early Payment Discounting Preferences.

How it works

Review invoices eligible for early payment

You can review the invoices you are eligible to request early payment for by going to Payments > Early Payments.

Early Payments page with three calculation tiles and Invoices table that lists invoices eligible for discounting.

The Invoices table below the tiles shows you the invoices that you can submit for early payment.

Column Description
Invoice Number Invoice number.
Status Status of the invoice.
Due Date Date the invoice is due for payment.
Payment Date Date the invoice was paid.
Days Paid Early How many days before the invoice due date the invoice was paid.
Original Amount Total invoice amount before discounts.
Cost for Early Payment Discount amount.
Net Amount Total invoice amount after discounts are applied.
Actions Options to submit the invoice for early payment or view the payment request for submitted invoices.

Review early payment requests

When you click Get Paid to submit invoices for early payment on the Early Payments screen or click a value in the ID column on the Payment Requests screen, the CSP navigates you to the Payment Request Details screen that shows you more information about the request.

Payment Request Details page that lists the discount percentage, discount calculations, and invoice details.


Tile Description
Discount Rate

The percentage the invoice total will be discounted by.

Working Capital Requested The discounted invoice amount.
Discount Offered The discount savings your customer is offering you for paying early.
Included Invoices table
Column Description
Invoice #

Invoice number.

Invoice Total

Invoice total before discounts.

Days Paid Early

Number of days before the invoice due date that it was paid.

Discount Offered

Value of the early payment discount.

Requested Amount

Amount to be paid once the discount is applied.

Due Date

Date the invoice is due.

Expected Payment Date

Date the invoice is expected to be paid early.

Submit an early payment request

  1. Go to Payments > Early Payments.
  2. In the Eligible Invoices table, select the invoice(s) with an Eligible status that you want to submit for early payment by clicking the the Get Paid Faster A green bill of money with a matching yellow-green bill underneath icon. You can select multiple invoices if they have the same due date.
  3. From the Payment Request Details screen in the Rate field, use the 30 Day Discount selector to choose the discount percentage you will offer your customer.
  4. Click Submit.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

How do Early Pay Discounts (EPD) work?

As a supplier, you can set up your preferences early pay discounts from the Early Pay Discounts page. For more information, see How do Early Pay Discounts (EPD) work?.