Work with Compliant Invoicing

cXML invoicing compliance resources for suppliers.

Compliance Documentation

This documentation covers countries where Coupa provides compliance-as-a-service offerings. For other countries, You need to set up your remit-to address  and quote it in your cXML data files.

See Sample Invoices for generic cXML examples for countries outside of our compliance-as-a-service areas, and for examples commonly used within the United States.

When creating cXML documents, make sure your data fields use breakout characters. See Handling Common Special Characters in cXML for more info.

Sample cXML for Compliant Countries

See Standard Invoice Examples for generic cXML examples for use in countries and regions not covered by Coupa's Compliance-as-a-Service.


Adding Extrinsics to Your Invoice

17 January 2018

Invoices sent as cXML can send values for Margin Scheme, Due Date, Late Payment Penalties, Early Payment Provisions, Exchange Rate, Cash Accounting Scheme, and more as named parameters using the Extrinsic element.

Agreeing to Terms of Use

13 December 2017

To use Coupa’s invoice compliance, you must first agree to the Terms of Use.

Compliance as a Service

13 December 2017

Global Compliant cXML Invoicing - UK

31 August 2017

Use this cXML invoice to test your compliant invoicing integration for the UK.

South Africa Compliance Sample cXML

20 January 2017

Invoice with tax cXML example.