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Accept Offer to Hire

Acceptance of Candidate Offer to Hire


  • Supplier will navigate to To Do List ➔ Candidate ➔ You have (#) candidate(s) in queue to accept OTH
  • Click on desired candidate’s name.

Accept Offer to Hire 002.png

  • On Candidate With Offers Details screen, select Accept Offer from Action List.


  • Verify all information on Accept Offer screen. Accept Offer to Hire 004.png
  • Enter Sales Tax Location information based on location where candidate will be providing services to the client.
    • Select correct Country/Region , State and County .
    • Heads Up ! State and County fields will populate a drop-down list based on the previous field selections.

Accept Offer to Hire 005.png

  • Verify correct Coupa CW Identifier information .
    • This is the unique eight-digit combination of the last four digits of the candidate’s SSN and the two number month and day of birth (SSN+MMDD).
  • Click Accept .