Purchase Orders and Punchouts

Use these sample cXML purchase orders to configure integration between Coupa and the supplier.



Connection Failed for Undefined Method send_via_cxml

14 October 2020

PO failed: the connection request failed. undefined method send_via_cxml for XX (no status returned)

Send Purchase Orders Using cXML

11 September 2017

The following is a process workflow for purchase orders (POs) transmission using cXML.

Punchout Ordering

24 April 2017

Create a punchout request.

sslv3 handshake failure

24 April 2017

Punchout failed: Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect, or SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 status=SSLv3 read server hello A: sslv3 handshake failure

Error connecting to the supplier

28 September 2016

PO failed: There was an error connecting to the supplier. The problem is most likely in the PO transmission method for supplier.

cXML Webform Data

13 April 2016