Core Supplier Onboarding

Find the information you need to work with your customers to configure Coupa for purchases from your catalog.


Since getting suppliers set up within Coupa depends on the specific solution each Coupa customer has implemented, not all methods of integration will apply to you. Suppliers and buyers need to talk to understand the specifics of the buyer's Coupa setup.

What You'll Need to Know

Before you can get set up, you'll need to talk with your customer about how you'll handle catalogs and sending and receiving purchase orders and invoices. 


Catalogs can be integrated into a buyer's Coupa instance by hosting it on the Coupa Supplier Portal, using Punchout, cXML, or through universal search. Questions you'll need to answer include:

  • How will the supplier provide their catalog to the buyer?
  • Does the buyer need to control the content or audience for the catalog?

Purchase Orders and Invoices

Coupa sends and receives documents through email, the Coupa Supplier Portal or cXML. You'll need to decide:

  • How will Coupa send purchase orders to the supplier?
  • Will the buyer use Coupa for invoicing? If so, how will they be received?

The key to this process is to make sure the buyer and supplier are talking to each other, so they're both on the same page.

What's Next?

See the topics below to learn about specific requirements, or if you want to get started with the CSP? Check out the Coupa Supplier Portal User Guides.


Announcements and General Info

Check out the newest announcements for the CSP.

Get Started with the CSP

Register and create your account for the CSP, set your account and notification preferences, and create custom views.

Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN)

Take action on customer purchase order emails directly from your inbox.

Integration Contacts

Receive notifications when a customer integration is unable to process a transaction.